Other new movie releases for April 26

Andy Downing


“The Curse of La Llorona”

I like to think this horror flick, which stars Linda Cardellini, exists in the same universe as “Freaks and Geeks,” meaning Lindsay Weir has gone from following the Dead to being haunted by them.


Director David F. Sandberg, working from a great script by Henry Gayden and borrowing from his horror/thriller pedigree (“Lights Out,” “Annabelle: Creation”), makes a wildly entertaining romp that ticks off the superhero requisites. It's the superhero film as viewed through the lens of the great kid adventure movies of the '80s, and that's a super fun mix. (4 stars)

“The Beach Bum”

Most of the credit for “The Beach Bum” having some actual heart goes to star Matthew McConaughey. It leans into an easygoing side the actor has displayed since “Dazed and Confused.” He is, indeed, all right, all right, all right in this movie. (4 stars)


This body-swapping spiritual sequel to “Big” has received mixed reviews, but its title reminds me of an adorable thing our 2-year-old has taken to saying recently: “I'm not little anymore. Now I'm Claire.”


Oh, hey, “Hellyboy” was rebooted (that's bad) with new star David Harbour (that's good) in an origin story (that's bad) that critics have called undercooked and overloaded with brainless gore (can I go now?).


If there's one thing 2019's “Dumbo” can stand on, it's the visuals. It's vibrant and dazzling, with a CGI Dumbo that is photorealistic and evokes feelings. But this “Dumbo” feels like a theme-park ride more than a childhood classic. (2 stars)


“High Life”

With a pace and atmosphere that evokes Stanley Kubrick's “2001,” director Claire Denis explores tough themes that make “High Life” difficult to wrap your brain around. And entering a summer season where movies won't often make us think, that's a good thing. (4 stars)


“Us” is an absolute blast in a theater setting, full of audible “oh, hell no” moments that will give you shudders days later. And, once again, director Jordan Peele injects just enough humor to add to the rollercoaster ride. (4 stars)