Other new movie releases for May 3

Andy Downing
Dr. Ruth


“Long Shot”

Part “Beauty and the Beast” rom-com, part political satire, “Long Shot” links a schlubby speech writer (Seth Rogen) with a model-esque presidential candidate (Charlize Theron).


I wasn't even aware there was a children's toy known as UglyDolls, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised the merch line is already making its debut on the big screen. Capitalism, man.

“El Chicano”

Superhero movies have dominated the screens in recent years, but “El Chicano” offers a twist, presenting a Latino superhero in a landscape still heavily white and male.


Actor Gary Carr stars in “Bolden,” which tells the story of Charles “Buddy” Bolden, often credited as “the inventor of jazz,” who spent the last 24 years of his life confined to a Louisiana insane asylum.

“Ask Dr. Ruth”

This documentary dives deep into the long-running sex therapist's past, tracing her life through her difficult upbringing (she was born in Germany to Jewish parents who were murdered in the Holocaust), her 1956 arrival in New York and her subsequent fame as a plain-spoken advocate for sexual freedom.



Director David F. Sandberg makes a wildly entertaining romp that still ticks off the superhero requisites. It's the superhero film as viewed through the lens of the great kid adventure movies of the '80s, and that's a super fun mix. (4 stars)


Oh, hey, “Hellboy” was rebooted (that's bad) with new star David Harbour (that's good) in an origin story (that's bad) that critics have called undercooked and overloaded with brainless gore (can I go now?).


“High Life”

With a pace and atmosphere that evokes Stanley Kubrick's “2001,” director Claire Denis explores tough themes that make “High Life” difficult to wrap your brain around. And entering a summer season where movies won't often make us think, that's a good thing. (4 stars)