Ranking movie trailers for July 19

Andy Downing
"The Lion King"

#1 “Toy Story 4”

I’m head over heels for Forky even as he makes me question the nature of existence. “Why am I alive?” he asks Woody. To which I’d answer, “Uh, who wants a popsicle? Wait, what’s that over there?”

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#2 “The Art of Self-Defense” (NEW IN THEATERS)

The karate theme just reminded me of the fifth grade talent show where a buddy and I performed a slow motion karate display to Peter Cetera’s “Glory of Love” (from “The Karate Kid II”) while three classmates “played” instruments and lip-synched the song. It was the last talent show the school ever held and years later a kid a few grades up from me told me that everyone specifically blamed us. Anyhoo, Jesse Eisenberg is pretty great.

#3 “Midsommar”

The creepy strings introducing the trailer let you know that everything is not as it appears, even as the cast gathers in a seemingly idyllic Swedish setting. By the end I wanted to curl into a ball and hide, so mission accomplished?

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#4 “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

This trailer comes complete with a spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen “Avengers: Endgame.” First impression: Tom Holland continues to be the best-cast Spidey to date (sorry/not sorry Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire) and the mix of action/humor appears solid.

#5 “Crawl”

The gator/hurricane mashup makes me think the pitch was along the lines of, “Think ‘Anaconda’ meets ‘The Perfect Storm’ (tagline: snakes in the rain).”

#6 “The Lion King” (NEW IN THEATERS)

Is this an Animal Planet documentary? How is Scar somehow less terrifying than in animated form? How long did it take them to train all those animals? For real, though, give me the lively colors and feel of the animated original over this flat-looking trailer.

Bonus: “Cats”