Ranking movie trailers for July 26

Andy Downing

#1 "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" (NEW IN THEATERS)

The latest from director Quentin Tarantino has arrived to generally positive reviews, but the trailer itself crackles, playing like a love letter to both the 1960s and cinema in general. Review from Brad Keefe coming Monday.

#2 “Toy Story 4”

Forky asking Woody why he's alive feels almost heavier than the moment in "Toy Story 3" when our favorite characters accepted and embraced the inevitability of death. At the same time, it falls significantly short of "Up's" crushing opening montage. Great. Now I'm crying again. Thanks, Pixar.

Read Brad Keefe's review.

#3 “The Art of Self-Defense” 

The karate theme just reminded me of the fifth grade talent show where a buddy and I performed a slow motion karate display to Peter Cetera’s “Glory of Love” (from “The Karate Kid II”) while three classmates “played” instruments and lip-synched the song. It was the last talent show the school ever held and years later a kid a few grades up from me told me that everyone specifically blamed us. (Also, I realize this blurb is leftover from last week, but I don't want anyone thinking that I'm trying to hide from my embarrassing moments.)

Read Brad Keefe's review.

#4 “Midsommar”

My current in-house lead contender for "trailer I enjoy for a film that will inevitably let me down."

Read Brad Keefe's review.

#5 “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

I hope the next Spider-Man features a multiverse that allows filmmakers to cast all three of Andrew Garfield, Toby Maguire and Tom Holland. Particularly if Maguire gets to play evil/emo Spider-Man again, arguably the worst creation in any modern superhero movie. 

#6 “The Lion King” 

The only thing hotter than Europe right now (it hit 108 degrees in Paris on Thursday) is this garbage. Disney giveth ("Toy Story 4") and then taketh away.