Lincoln Theatre hosts free screening of CCAD students' film & animation work

Joel Oliphint
Still from "Harpoon" by 2019 CCAD Film & Video grad Darrin Faires.

Back in May, CCAD students saw their film and animation work on the big screen during “Chroma: Best of CCAD.” Many of the same documentaries, shorts and animated pieces will also be featured in “CCAD: A Screening of Film and Animation” at the Lincoln Theatre on Sunday, Aug. 4.

But for students, the two experiences likely won’t feel the same. At the Lincoln event, students will be watching the watchers.

“The [‘Chroma’] audience, since it’s full of parents and friends, is much more friendly and different from what they’ll experience [at the Lincoln],” said Nella Citino, CCAD’s Film & Video Chair. “You don’t know what people will react to. People laugh in strange places. People verbalize stuff in strange places. And the students don’t realize that until they are sitting in the audience going, ‘Oh, I didn’t expect that kind of reaction.’ … This is like a focus group. The idea for them would be: Stand at the back of the theater and just watch the people watch your stuff.”

The free screening, which is part of a yearlong partnership between CCAD and CAPA that celebrates the institutions’ coinciding anniversaries (140 years for CCAD, 50 for CAPA), will showcase everything from public service announcements and documentaries to short fiction and animated features. The selection process was curated by CCAD department chairs.

“When you see the good stuff, you know it,” Citino said. “As you teach, you’re always looking for that particular talent from a student and then helping them find their own voice and helping them develop it. What you’re hoping for is that the student recognizes it in themselves and then expresses it in a clear, concise, beautiful way.”

According to Citino, the works also bear the mark of a student population that is fluent in the quick-paced worlds of online video and social media. “Everything is cut faster. The sound bytes are smaller and getting smaller,” she said.

Like “Chroma,” Citino said everything shown here is considered “the best of the best” from CCAD undergrads and recent grads. “I think people will be amazed by the amount of work, the variety of work and the intensity of some of the work,” she said. “It’s beyond excellent and beyond expectations.”

4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 4

769 E. Long St., East Side

Lincoln Theatre