Ranking the movie trailers for Sept. 13

Andy Downing
"Ready or Not"

#1 "Ready or Not" 

Revisiting the trailer for this one, I'm reminded of how fun it looks, like "The Purge" meets "Father of the Bride." Read Brad Keefe's review

#2 "It Chapter Two"

Reviews for this one have not been kind, so I'll likely stick to the slick, promising trailer rather than sitting through the three-plus-hour feature.

#3 "The Peanut Butter Falcon"

The rare sweet film in a top 6 dominated by creepers. Read Brad Keefe's review.

#4 "Freaks" (NEW IN THEATERS)

Not a remake of the cult classic, but rather a surreal, creep-inducing sci-fi flick that looks akin to "The Room" meets "10 Cloverfield Lane."

#5 "Hustlers" (NEW IN THEATERS)

Based on a New York magazine article, this film follows a crew of former strippers who game their Wall Street clients, like "Magic Mike" meets "The Wolf of Wall Street," but with lower production value.

#6 "The Goldfinch" (NEW IN THEATERS)

The movie is based on an acclaimed novel, but the trailer is so dry and dull that it makes me want to swear off reading altogether.