We all screamo

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bands like Sky Eats Airplane make me feel old at age 25. But in the interest of relevance, I'm trying to learn more about screamo, particularly the bizarre mutation of the genre that has incorporated elements of club music into the mix.

Scene kids can stop reading now because what I'm about to explain probably ain't news to you. (Unless I get it horribly wrong. But be patient with me here.)

Screamo is a term I've heard bandied about for a while, but I'm finally getting a handle on it. As the name suggests, the genre basically grafts together Hot Topic emo and monumentally heavy hardcore - bleeding hearts meet bloody knuckles, if you will.

Practitioners like Sky Eats Airplane shift seamlessly from blood-curdling screams to wistfully whiny harmonies. And like many of the latest wave of screamo bands, they've added club beats and synthesizers to the mix. (They aren't singing through T-Pain's vocoder yet, but that line's been crossed by other acts.)

Wednesday's concert at The Basement seems like a fine introduction to this scene. A Skylit Drive, which sounds like Geddy Lee's screamo spawn, will headline after sets from Sky Eats Airplane and Dayton's The Great American Beast. Find out more at each group's MySpace page, decked out with a fancy band logo and individual glamour shots of each member.