Only in dreams

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Sunset Rubdown and Evangelicals are both fiercely unique, yet in a way the bands are two of a kind. They both perform neurotic, overblown styles of indie rock that exist in their own self-contained dream worlds. And both bands seem content to run amok in those private dimensions, daring listeners to join them inside.

Not many folks heeded that call last time these acts rolled through Columbus, but thankfully that hasn't kept them from steering into town once more. Each group arrives at Skully's this week in support of a pair of strong sophomore efforts.

Saturday it's Montreal's Sunset Rubdown, whose Random Spirit Lover is every bit as whimsical and melancholy as 2005 debut Shut Up I Am Dreaming. Fronted by Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug, the group indulges in enough theatrical pomp to please the art rockers and the drama-club kids. The sound isn't quite as accessible as Krug's Wolf Parade material, but it's just a harrowing.

Tuesday, Evangelicals bring their bizarre road show to Skully's. A stop at the Treehouse two years back found the Oklahoma trio (now quartet) emerging from an array of light, smoke and greenery to perform the yelping, hallucinogenic dream pop of their ace debut So Gone. This year's The Evening Descends, which didn't click at first, has proved a worthy sequel.