A gay old time

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Columbus Alive

Bands that carried punk's anti-excess, easy-access ideology into artier territory became known as post-punk. The likes of Joy Division, Devo and Gang of Four are familiar names to anyone who reads rock magazines and inspirations for this decade's trendy dance-rock bands.

So where does that leave The Homosexuals, a band that -- under the name Rejects at first -- was playing something like post-punk before there was even such a thing as punk?

Ahead of their time, for one thing; out in the cold, for another.

Bruno Wizard's band doesn't fit punk's approved canonical narrative. Hell, they don't even have a bio at All Music Guide! Thus, you don't have angsty teens discovering their great body of work in large numbers.

It didn't help that they barely released anything during their decade-long tenure. The all-encompassing three-disc set Astral Glamour remedied that somewhat in 2004, making The Homosexuals' restless, inventive catalog available to people besides record collectors.

Now the band -- or, more accurately, Wizard and a crew of hired guns -- are taking advantage of the increased notoriety with their first U.S. tour. Joining them at The Summit will be locals Fey Gods and Guinea Worms, plus The Black and Whites, billed as "a rock 'n' roll party machine from Mississippi."

The Homosexuals

Saturday, Nov. 8

The Summit, Campus