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Mark Gunderson - better known as Evolution Control Committee - doesn't return to his native Columbus for any old gig. But the mashup pioneer is back from San Francisco this week to headline a tribute event at The Summit called "I'll Be Your Mirror: Music from the Velvet Underground."

Gunderson is one of several groups with local ties that will reinterpret Velvet Underground songs at the request of Ohio State art professor Mary Jo Bole.

"I'll Be Your Mirror" is functioning as the after-party for a daylong symposium on Andy Warhol at the Wexner Center for the Arts, but it's not officially tied in with Other Voices, Other Rooms, the ongoing Warhol exhibit at the Wex.

Actually, Bole just wanted to throw a party for Mary Woronov, a onetime Factory actress and friend of hers who is coming to Columbus to speak at Saturday's symposium.

"I found out last spring that the Wex had asked her in to do that symposium on that Saturday," Bole said. "I thought it would be great to have some kind of event."

Bole pulled out all the stops. Besides booking Evolution Control Committee, she lined up a fine slate of performers with ties to Columbus including Moviola, Cheater Slicks, Dick & Jane and Slater & His Bored Teen War Team. She also secured dozens of funeral bouquets from Moreland Funeral Home to decorate The Summit for the occasion.

The musicians will be offering their takes on the Velvets, the band most closely linked to Warhol and his multimedia road show, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable. Cheater Slicks is set to cover the noise epic "Sister Ray," while Evolution Control Committee will perform something called "Velvet Mashup" and Dick & Jane will perform covers and "adjacents" - that is, songs from Warhol soundtracks. Each of the other bands has something special in store, too.

Bole recommends that between the symposium and the concert, Warhol fans check out Matt Mascaro's "Superstar" event at the Chop Chop Gallery, "an exhibition celebrating key figures of the Andy Warhol Factory from the 1960s and early 1970s." Taylor Mead, Holly Woodlawn, Penny Arcade, John Giorno and Bibbe Hansen are among the artists participating.

"Maybe some of those people will show up at The Summit," Bole said.

Whether the authentic Warhol collaborators show up or not, Bole's tribute to the kings of the '60s avant-garde looks to be mighty entertaining - certainly more so than when most folks round up some old friends for a party.

What: "I'll Be Your Mirror"

When: Saturday, Nov. 15

Where: The Summit, Campus

Web: myspace.com/cafebourbonstreet