Recycled romantic

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Secondhand Serenade is an appropriate name for John Vesely's band. The dude is pretty much jacking Chris Carrabba's shtick straight up.

Said shtick includes not just wearing his heart on his sleeve but ripping it from his chest, hacking it open with a kitchen knife and presenting the bloody mess to whatever unfortunate female is on the receiving end of his lyrics.

Like Carrabba, Vesely sets those sensitive screeds to acoustic-based power ballads of the screaming emo variety. And like the Dashboard Confessional frontman, he has shifted from the one-man-band approach to a fully orchestrated blowout.

It seems to be working. Vesley's "Fall For You" is scoring lots of radio love, and his band is co-headlining a MySpace-sponsored tour with fellow emotional popsters Cute Is What We Aim For that arrives at the Newport Saturday.

What: Secondhand Serenade

When: Saturday, Nov. 15

Where: Newport Music Hall, Campus