Dark matters

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Few bands do psych rock as spellbindingly as Darker My Love. Heavy riffs played stoner-slow can be disastrously monotonous, but Tim Presley's L.A. ensemble doesn't rely on that trick exclusively. They deploy vocal harmonies, nimble instrumentation and utterly danceable percussion on their latest, 2.

The result is an engrossing album that sounds like the sort of thing Primal Scream would be putting out these days if they weren't so insistent on releasing two or three garbage albums between classics.

Darker My Love's stop at The Summit Wednesday is all the more enticing given their support: Austin's retro-garage fiends The Strange Boys and L.A.'s somber-but-snappy Eulogies.

What: Darker My Love

When: Wednesday, Nov. 26

Where: The Summit, Campus