Sweet success

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

My, oh my, have Plain White T's come a long way since playing to a few dozen teens at Midgard Comics back in the day. "Hey There Delilah" rocketed the Illinois pop-rockers past cult-favorite status and into radio ubiquity.

It did so by forgoing the faux-punk posturing that's so common among bands of their ilk and embracing their true identity as the Mike's Hard Lemonade of rock, a persona the group runs with on the new Big Bad World.

The album is passable in a pinch, but big gulps of it go down with too much sweetness. The guitars are mild, the vocals meek. Without classy touches like the group shouts on "Natural Disaster" and the interweaving strings and vocals on closing number "Someday," the record would amount to little more than a fountain drink.

If that's how you like your bands and beverages, indulge away Monday at the Newport. But you can count me out.

What: Plain White T's

When: Monday, Nov. 24

Where: Newport Music Hall, Campus

Web: promowestlive.com