A howl of a time

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Every weeknight, some hard-working band rolls through Columbus looking to have a good time rocking out and scrape together enough gas money to get to the next city. Many of these bands are interchangeable and unmemorable, but more often than most folks realize, it's possible to stumble upon something that will leave a lasting impression.

That was the case in August, when a rambunctious outfit known as Howlies made their presence felt at Carabar.

Howlies hail from Atlanta, which must be a hotbed for bouncing, beach-party garage rock. The band recalls their neighbors The Black Lips, but where those Vice-hyped playboys concoct a druggy haze of smoke and reverb, Howlies are more of a breath of fresh air. They rock precise rhythms with sledgehammer power, and they wield their memorable melodies with just as much force. It ain't original, it's just good.

And who can't get behind a slow-burning ditty about pummeling the dude who stole your girlfriend with an aluminum baseball bat? In the immortal words of Kid Rock, "Somebody's gotta feel this!"

The band's brilliance shines through on the "Sea Level" single I picked up that night, and it will burn even more brightly when Howlies return to Carabar for a double bill with the Detroit Cobras.

What: Howlies

When: Wednesday, Dec. 3

Where: Carabar, Olde Towne East

Web: howlies.com