New classics

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

There's something classic about the way Liela Moss stalks the stage for The Duke Spirit. As a rock star, she's pure class, the sort of personality who can elevate a sharp band of pros into something greater. She's the perfect fit for a group like this.

The English rockers brandish lots of trendy, modern influences on their latest LP, Neptune, from gauzy shoegaze to the nasty avant-pop of Sonic Youth. But those are merely urbane window dressing on music that is, in fact, very back-to-basics. The combination works wonders.

Take, for instance, "My Sunken Treasure," a sugary, piano-led girl-group delight that evolves into a glistening guitar finale. The next song, "Lassoo," is like a My Bloody Valentine song layered over a Rolling Stones song, the sultry horns happily coexisting with the sleepy coos.

Live, they're slightly less complex but just as engaging thanks to Moss' magnetism and a bedrock of strong songwriting. See for yourself when they come to The Basement on Wednesday.

Opening the show will be L.A.-based Eulogies, making their second Columbus stop in a week. The group conjures up light and airy indie rock, the sort that might float away were it not weighed down by a lingering sense of melancholy. Eulogies' new teaser EP, Tempted to Do Nothing, shows this sleek-sounding bunch at its best.

What: The Duke Spirit with Eulogies

When: Wednesday, Dec. 3

Where: The Basement, Arena District