Ball's rolling

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

To the joy of those who like music but aren't really sure which kind, LC Pavilion will host the annual Jingle Ball concert smorgasbord next week - two nights with everything from piano-pop to hard rock.

Katy Perry, Natasha Bedingfield, Thriving Ivory and Lesley Roy play Wednesday. Staind (sic) and David Cook complete Thursday's bill. If you're uncertain which part of this variety pack you should check out, my bet's on Perry.

In some ways, the beautiful, retro Perry represents everything America wants from its female pop stars. She appears vulnerable yet coy, like when she jocked Mike Jones and publicized her phone number online. She sounds interesting, though never threatening, bandying even the most memorable of her remarks into irrelevance with a pair of star-shaped fluorescent sunglasses.

She kissed a girl. She liked it. She's not really sure what to do next other than wear some ruffled hot pants, show a lot of skin and pucker those ruby-red lips. (Hee hee!)

Most importantly, Perry writes great songs that mean absolutely nothing. You could argue that her ubiquitous single "Ur So Gay" captures the zeitgeist (It's like a text! Get it?). You could say "Hot N Cold" explores the ups and downs of modern relationships.

But hers are drive-time ditties not built for interpretation. They're about hook, beat and pretty refrain. Sometimes that's all we really want.

What: WNCI Jingle Ball

When: Wednesday-Thursday, Dec. 10-11

Where: LC Pavilion, Arena District