Gotta love it

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

"I need a new beginning!" is Josephine Olausson's rallying cry as Love Is All opens its second album, A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night. But the Gothenburg rockers have hardly tweaked their sound since 2005's magnificent Nine Times That Same Song, so Olausson doesn't have her fresh start.

Thank God for that.

How joyous to load up A Hundred Things and discover Love Is All remains a bluster of twists, shouts and saxophone blares! These five Swedes play some of the most invigorating art-punk on either side of the Atlantic, music that combines X's fury, The Clean's primal pounding and LCD Soundsystem's sentimental disco.

They're finally coming to Columbus, and the lineup couldn't be better. Local underground royalty Times New Viking will wrap up their triumphant 2008; superbly sleepy Brooklyn buzz band Crystal Stilts rounds out the bill.

What: Love Is All

When: Monday, Dec. 15

Where: The Summit, Campus