Lethal dose

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Rappers need swagger. An emcee without an ego isn't a pretty sight or sound. But a true great balances his boasts with underlying humility, understanding that even if he's master of his domain, his domain has limits.

To wit: Mac Lethal, the Kansas City white boy who'll rock rhymes Wednesday at Cafe Bourbon Street, has skills. The former Scribble Jam battle champion chimes in - sometimes cleverly, always brashly - on everything from religion (vehemently agnostic) to rock (Deftones are still cool, Tool not so much) to restaurants (he hilariously proclaims, "F--- veganism, get me some General Tso's chicken!").

But Lethal's loose lips sometimes seem like a sinking ship because he comes off like that cocky class clown who doesn't know when to stop pestering teacher. A few songs at a time, he's great. In large doses, he grates.

What: Mac Lethal

When: Wednesday, Dec. 17

Where: Cafe Bourbon Street, Campus

Web: myspace.com/maclethal