Eagles of old pop

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Columbus Alive

Grizzly Bear shoots the Beach Boys' sighing harmonies into ethereal realms and shepherds them back to Earth, exhausted. It's sort of like a woozy stumble through Brian Wilson's slumber land.

Daniel Rossen joined that band four years ago, but long before that, he started Department of Eagles, which offers a similarly somber take on classic '60s pop.

In Ear Park, the group's post-Grizzly breakthrough, inspires lots of reference points, but none more than Paul McCartney's stately, cheeky chamber pop. The music is as melodically charged and studiously crafted as that ending suite from Abbey Road, only whispery and resigned rather than triumphant. Think Elliott Smith without the brooding bitterness.

Department of Eagles plays one of its first-ever tour stops Friday at the Wex, an ideal locale for this sort of music, as anyone who saw Grizzly Bear there in 2007 will tell you.

Department of Eagles

When: 9 p.m. Friday, Jan. 16

Where: Wexner Center, Campus

Web: wexarts.org