Up, Beatnuts

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

For a hip-hop dilettante like me, rappers fall into a few categories. You got your critically acclaimed superstars like Kanye, Weezy and T.I. You got your living legends - Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and the like. There are dumb novelty hitmakers like Shop Boyz and underground stars like Murs.

I like to dabble in all those directions, but there are vast galaxies of rappers that I never seem to discover no matter how hard they make my hip-hop friends swoon. For instance: Beatnuts, the latest performers to roll in for one of those free Scion-sponsored shows.

The producers-turned-emcees should be a delight for my buddy Tommy, who has been trying to sell me on Beatnuts (plus Joe Budden, Canibus and dozens more) for years. I trust he'll be at Karma Friday with all the real hip-hop heads.

What: Beatnuts

When: Friday, Jan. 23

Where: Karma, Downtown

Web: scion.com/livemetro