Canibus or bust

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

On "Captain Cold Crush," one of the early leaks from Canibus' upcoming C of Tranquility, the veteran MC takes shots at some of today's biggest superstars. "When T.I. was still hustlin' crack, I put the muscle in rap," he proclaims, right after reminding us he was in the game before Lil Wayne.

Like many aging rappers, Canibus finds himself reduced to bragging about being around first.

This isn't always a bad strategy, of course. Throughout 2001, Dr. Dre famously flipped allegations that he was past his prime into boasts about his veteran wisdom. It was the sound of him reclaiming his rightful respect. (Let's hope Detox is as glorious if it ever drops.)

Canibus, however, never ruled the rap world, so he just sounds crotchety when he's targeting today's stars. Still, the beat is hot, and he deploys that snarl with authority and dexterity. Dude's got skills, same as ever. Let's just hope he can find something else to rap about at Skully's.

What: Canibus

When: 9 p.m. Saturday, March 7

Where: Skully's Music Diner, Short North