Marquee: Karma to Burn

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Turns out Rob Oswald, Rich Mullins and William Mecum still have a little Karma to Burn.

The West Virginia trio's electric storm of power chords, caveman rhythms and nihilistic narratives made them one of history's most beloved stoner-metal bands. For the first time since 2002, they've reunited for a severely limited set of shows that just happens to include a stop Saturday at Ravari Room.

Karma to Burn is a special specimen - that rare hard-rock band that's equally adept at disorienting, drugged-out dirges and crushing, crowd-pleasing blitzkrieg. Turn to "Twenty-Four Hours" from their self-titled debut for an example of K2B's many skills in action.

Drummer Mullins has a steady paycheck with frequent Columbus visitors Year Long Disaster, so don't expect this combo to come back anytime soon. Better get there in time for Sin Nombre and The Suede Brothers to ensure a good spot up front.

Karma to Burn

When: 9 p.m. Saturday, April 18

Where: Ravari Room, Campus