Marquee: Gang Gang Dance

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Don't get me wrong: I love pretentious bands. Provided there's some whiff of brilliance in play, I'll take self-indulgence over restraint most of the time. But Gang Gang Dance has always seemed a little too ostentatious for their own good. If you're going to be unrepentantly artsy, you've got to offer something of substance under the pomp and posturing.

With last year's Saint Dymphna, this Brooklyn bunch overwhelmingly made its case for our attention, offering up a bangin' sound collage that begs for dissection but works just as well as party music.

I haven't heard such a spectacular release in this vein since The Avalanches' ace 2001 debut Since I Left You. Just as that album artfully pieced together a whimsical world of sound and vision, Saint Dymphna digs through libraries, museums and junkyards with a seemingly insatiable appetite for invention.

Whether ripping My Bloody Valentine apart at the seams or hopscotching across continents with shakers in hand, it's an adventure through and through, one that yields new discoveries with each successive spin.

All this is to say that Gang Gang Dance's show next Thursday has the potential to be one of the summer's most transcendent musical moments. Don't act a fool; get thee to Circus!

Gang Gang Dance

When: 10 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6

Where: Circus, Short North