Marquee: Wooden Wand

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Columbus Alive

Remember those few folks who magically transcended high school's established social order? Most students ran with a certain pack, but a handful of outsiders gained access to the maligned, envied, adored "popular" crowd.

Music scenes can be a lot like high school, complete with bullies, outcasts, cliques and a different sort of cool kids. But you also get your boundary-crossers like James Jackson Toth.

Toth, the force behind psych-folk serenade project Wooden Wand, doesn't sound that much different from your average rugged folkie. He occasionally bolsters his songs with eerie noise or bluesy solos, but it's not totally clear why he's been embraced by the experimental music community, music's unreachable "cool kid" crowd. Dude isn't exactly reinventing the wheel.

He is, however, reinventing his moniker. Last year Toth released an album under his Christian name. This year, Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label is putting out two more Toth releases under the name WAND. Record geeks do love those prolific types, after all.

Those albums ought to supply ample material for Toth's show at Rumba, which will run from 7-9 p.m. before Hoodoo Soul Band's usual Sunday set.

Wooden Wand

When: 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 2

Where: Rumba Cafe, Campus