Marquee: Benny Benassi

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

For millions of club music devotees, the name "Benny" doesn't conjure images of "The King of Swing" or even that good-natured playboy from City of God. Italian DJ extraordinaire Benny Benassi is a rock star in the world of electro house, due in no small part to the rock 'n' roll spirit he brings to each pulsating production.

Tracks like "I Love My Sex" and "Rock 'n' Rave" present Benassi as a master manipulator of drum machines and synthesizer squelches. For more than two decades, he's been building searing walls of sound that could go blow for blow with most electro-dabbling rock tracks.

Benny Benassi

When: 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 4

Where: BoMA, Downtown