Marquee: Busdriver

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

In the same way that indie rock went corporate, the wall between hip-hop's mainstream and underground came down this decade thanks in part to the demise of the once-fertile backpacker scene and the rise of hipster-approved superstars like Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

So where does that leave weirdos like Busdriver, who seem to exist in a different universe entirely? Who listens to an MC that often sounds too brainy for his own good, who roams in completely different pastures? Presumably, fellow freaks like Islands twee-rocker Nick Thorburn, who has collaborated with the rapper on numerous occasions.

On "Least Favorite Rapper" from his new Jhelli Beam, Busdriver addresses just this concern. But it's hard to feel bad for such a willfully weird and confrontational performer when he complains about not fitting in. He's a rapper made for the circus, and he'll play Circus next week.


When: 9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10

Where: Circus, Short North