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Columbus' slew of outdoor summer music festivals can start to bleed together after a while, but if you examine closely, each one has a few distinguishing factors. For instance: Besides some obvious product placement from the reigning king of rock 'n' roll beers, Saturday's Pabst Blue Rendezvous stands out for its focus on new bands.

"PBR just sort of mirrors what's happening," marketing manager Bob Miller said. "We try and stay ahead of the curve."

Some of the new names on the schedule are familiar faces packaged into new combos. Others are fresh new contributors to the city's musical landscape. Here's a look at four of the acts we've yet to cover in Alive.

Day Creeper

Web: myspace.com/daycreeper

With more than a year under its belt, Day Creeper is actually one of the more veteran entrants on Saturday's schedule. But despite impressing everyone in earshot with ragtag rock 'n' roll that trades as heavily in melody as in oomph, they haven't yet graced these pages but for a brief blurb about "Problem at Hand," their excellent contribution to this year's Alive Amplified CD.

Consider that rectified, and look for more coverage whenever they get around to releasing their next record.

Monolithic Cloud Parade

Web: myspace.com/monolithiccloudparade

Corey Fry couldn't play a single instrument when he founded Monolithic Cloud Parade three years ago. Now he practically directs an orchestra - his band, which began to pop up regularly on Columbus stages earlier this year, recently swelled to six members.

They've built a broad sound that touches on lots of the best indie-rock touchstones of the past couple decades, especially (here it comes) Neutral Milk Hotel. Debut Children With Wolf Heads was released over the summer.

Flu Faker

Web: myspace.com/flufaker

Ex-84 Nash bassist J.P. Herrmann used to bang out one jangly pop song after the next. That band's early records had their share of crackle and fuzz, but it was nothing compared to "Expand and Contract," one of the noise excursions Herrmann embarks on in his new project, Flu Faker.

The band, which also features Herrmann's two sisters and his brother-in-law, hasn't foregone the melodious sounds of yore. But the recordings they've unveiled so far are long, experimental tracks that hint at rabbit holes 84 Nash could have explored had they stayed in business.

Periodic Table of Elephants

In the early part of the decade, Jeff Fernengel led Tree of Snakes. The vivacious, precision-free punk-rock combo tackled such topics as animals ("I Am the Lion," "Trusty Swordfish"), drinking ("Beerless in Seattle," "Grab Another Beer") and serious knife fights ("Serious Knife Fight").

Since the Snakes disbanded two years back, Fern has played solo from time to time, but fans ought to be awful excited that he's put together a new lineup - bassist Zac Szymusiak and drummer Nick Schuld - to play some classic Snakes songs and rework latter-day ditties.


2 p.m. State School

2:30 p.m. The Randys

3 p.m. Trains Across the Sea

3:30 p.m. Nick Tolford and Company

4 p.m. Shin Tower Music

4:30 p.m. Day Creeper

5 p.m. Monolithic Cloud Parade

5:30 p.m. Fisted Mister

6 p.m. Flu Faker

6:30 p.m. Phantods

7 p.m. Periodic Table of Elephants

7:30 p.m. The Lindsay

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Pabst Blue Rendezvous

When: 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 12

Where: Fireproof Storage, Short North

Web: pabstbluerendezvous.com