Marquee: The Wooden Birds

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Columbus Alive

I haven't read any previous press about the Wooden Birds, but I offer my advance apologies for piling on what I assume is an endless stream of Iron and Wine references. I'm not name-dropping Sam Beam's band as an insult, though; Beam wishes he was still writing hushed Southern folk songs as good as the ones that populate Wooden Birds' debut Magnolia.

A new project of American Analog Set's Andrew Kenny featuring the guitar work of Matt Pond (he of Matt Pond PA fame), the band eschews Kenny's droning, krautrock-influenced early sounds for stripped-down swamp folk. Whispered melodies and tasteful guitar work turn these strong backdrops into arresting pop tunes.

The music bears a striking resemblance to local musician Sean Gardner's solo work as Winter Makes Sailors, so it only makes sense that Gardner will open Sunday's show.

The Wooden Birds

When: 9 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 1

Where: The Treehouse, Grandview