Marquee: The Reigning Sound

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Of all the garage-rock revivalists that poured out of Memphis this decade, Greg Cartwright's Reigning Sound came the closest to playing it straight, banging out raging rock music steeped in inhibition-free R&B power.

The music feels joyous and dangerous at once, even if the content - "Life feels bad! And there's misery everywhere!" - could have come out wimpy and whiney in less capable hands. Or perhaps from a less authoritative throat: Cartwright's grisly holler exudes Chuck Berry levels of violent sexual tension.

The band, now based in Asheville, is touring in support of Love and Curses, their first proper LP in five years. Cheater Slicks, who seem to prefer curses over love, will play too.

The Reigning Sound

When: 9 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 17

Where: The Summit, Campus