Marquee: Surfer Blood

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Surfer Blood seems like a gruesome name to me, indicative of shark attacks and rogue waves leaving cloudy, discolored ocean waters in their wake. But upon further review, the South Beach quartet may just be referring to the 10-hanging fluids pumping through their veins. This is not the music of graphic violence.

Geographically, Surfer Blood couldn't be much farther from the Shins, who've been operating out of Oregon for some time now. Musically, though, their sad-eyed but spunky indie-rock tunes occupy the same territory, one where guitars rumble below the surface and slice across the reverb haze.

But Surfer Blood isn't a carbon copy of the Zach Braff life-changers. "Take It Easy" shows off the tropical touch that has been all the rage among blog bands this year, while "Swim" shows this band has a bit more muscle. Gotta get chiseled if you're gonna ride the waves.

Detroit's tremendous Terrible Twos open the show.

Surfer Blood

When: 9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18

Where: The Summit, Campus