Music: Joe Jack Talcum

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Though the Dead Milkmen reunited last year after a 13-year absence, Friday's early engagement at the Treebar brings the brains behind the operation, Joe Jack Talcum, and him only. Though the Milkmen's many fans would probably prefer the full band, Talcum (nee Joe Genaro) is a patron saint of smart, silly story songs sung out of tune, and his appeal should extend to the man-and-guitar motif. For proof, consider the enduring appeal of Jeff Fernengel, the Tree of Snakes/Periodic Table of Elephants frontman and devoted Talcum disciple who'll open the show.

Joe Jack Talcum

When: 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20

Where: The Treehouse, Grandview