Marquee: The Entrance Band at The Summit

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bassist and violinist Paz Lenchantin has been a mainstay of darkly progressive alternative rock for some time now, packing her resume with highlights (A Perfect Circle), lowlights (Zwan) and curiosities. It's been a decade since she's been in the mainstream spotlight, but since 2004 she's been playing with her greatest ensemble to date.

Lenchantin's latest endeavor, The Entrance Band (formerly Entrance), casts her as a sidekick yet again, this time for L.A.-via-Baltimore songsmith Guy Blakeslee. With Derek James on drums, the trio casts blues, Bay Area psych-pop and prog-rock in a reverent yet inventive light, continually finding ways to inject new mutations into time-tested sonic DNA.

They'll come to the Summit Wednesday with Lights, a conceptual art-pop band that's quite different from the act of the same name that's playing the LC with Owl City tonight. Their Drag City debut Rites is like Fleetwood Mac viewed through Dirty Projectors and other arbiters of Brooklyn cool.

The Entrance Band with Lights

When: 8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 3

Where: The Summit, Campus