Marquee: Jamey Johnson at Screamin' Willie's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If you think all new country stars fit into some easy archetype like Toby Keith's jingoistic cheerleader or Keith Urban's clean-cut pop star, Jamey Johnson would like to piss in your punch.

With a deep, weathered drawl and a stoic beard to match, Johnson busts out tales of turmoil with an outlaw's poise and an emo kid's emotional bareness.

Make no mistake, That Lonesome Song is tears-in-your-beers music. Country stars have been singing about brokenhearted despair since the genre's genesis, but there's something quite timely about the way Johnson airs his grievances, like he's posting poetry in a Facebook note - and it doesn't suck!

Plus, he's not a total sad-sack. After all, in "My Way To You," he eventually finds the gal he's been missing. And sometimes he's just introspective, busting out genuinely surprising lyrics, like "That Southern Baptist parking lot is where I went to smoke my pot and pray."

What: Jamey Johnson

When: 9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 5

Where: Screamin' Willie's, Reynoldsburg