Marquee: Jemina Pearl at the Summit

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

"Heartbeats," the lead track from Jemina Pearl's solo debut Break It Up, might lead you to believe the album won't be much of a departure from Pearl's work with wonderfully bratty teenage punk band Be Your Own Pet. A little more poppy, sure, but it's still riotous punk at full speed ahead.

By the time "Ecstatic Apparel" kicks in with a disco beat and a carefree melody, it's clear the girl's got broader horizons these days. Her perspective is as snotty as ever, though. For proof, look no further than "I Hate People," her duet with Iggy Pop: "Just the two of us, together/ Hating everyone!"

Iggy won't be at The Summit on Tuesday, but Jemina will be back for the second time in half a year.

What: Jemina Pearl

When: 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 9

Where: The Summit, Campus