Marquee: Mariah Carey at the Schott

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If I asked you to guess Billboard's best-charting single of the last decade, how many would say it was by Mariah Carey?

OK, seeing as I'm telling you this in a Mariah Carey concert preview, you might guess right. But I think my own response would be, "Wait, are we talking about the '90s?"

Conventional wisdom says Carey's glory days came in the years before Glitter made her a pop-culture laughingstock. But "Mimi" (ugh) is a survivor, and in the late '00s she rebounded quite convincingly from that flop to regain her status as one of pop's premier divas, thanks in part to "We Belong Together," the single that somehow topped inescapable jams like "Yeah!" and "I Gotta Feeling" on the decade-end list. (A feud with Eminem didn't hurt, either.)

Shockingly, her show at the Schott will mark her first appearance in Columbus after two decades of stardom.

What: Mariah Carey

When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10

Where: Schottenstein Center, Campus