Marquee: Wiz Khalifa at Skully's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Khalifa is one of those perennially on-the-verge MCs - like Wale, a household name among hip-hop heads but barely a blip on the pop-culture radar. His failure to break through is less about talent and more about lacking that one big-break single, though his "Say Yeah" was sampled by hometown hero Girl Talk.

To be sure, Khalifa can rap. His middleweight flow falls somewhere between Southern-style snarl as practiced by T.I. and charmingly clumsy, sing-songy art rappers of the Kanye West/Kid Cudi/Drake school.

Wiz Khalifa

When: 9 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24

Where: Skully's Music Diner, Short North