Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! at Cafe Bourbon Street

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bands like The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! live and die by audiences' willingness to cut loose. The band's giddy disco rock performance art is the sort of shtick that goes over great among a knowing throng of friends. Away from home, it's up to Neil Fridd and company to get a room full of strangers shouting along - or worse, a room with not many people at all.

Fortunately, Fridd is great at that. Like the demon spawn of Wayne Coyne and Dan Deacon, he has been known to don a suit made out of old stuffed animals and bounce around with all the enthusiasm of a coked-out cheerleading squad, backed by nothing more than an iPod, some bright lights and a handful of costumed friends.

Fridd won over David Byrne, who signed Terror Pigeon to his Luaka Bop label, and Tuesday he'll try his best to sway the Cafe Bourbon Street crowd after a set from Philadelphia's The Shakes.

When: 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 13

Where: Cafe Bourbon Street, Campus

Web: theterrorpigeondancerevolt.com