Headliners: Minus the Bear at the Newport

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Last decade, indie rock saw several naming trends - "wolf" bands, "black" bands, "crystal" bands. One of the latest patterns appears to be "bear" bands. Although math-rock maestros Minus the Bear predate this movement by several years, their visit to the Newport seems like a fine occasion to examine the ursine explosion.

Band: Minus the Bear

Diet: Cursive, The Sea and Cake, Shudder to Think

Habitat: Mid-size concert halls like the Newport

Fur Factor: Lengthy but clean-cut

Aggression: Forceful and intelligent but usually friendly

Band: Grizzly Bear

Diet: Beach Boys, Brian Eno

Habitat: Majestic theaters, converted churches and outdoor festivals

Fur Factor: Floppy and parted to the side

Aggression: Won't bite

Band: Panda Bear

Diet: Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd

Habitat: Hushed arts spaces like the Wexner Center

Fur Factor: Ultimate bedhead

Aggression: Mostly meanders around

Band: Bear Hands

Diet: Les Savy Fav, The Walkmen

Habitat: Smaller watering holes; occasionally will follow more famous creatures into larger concert halls

Fur Factor: Various shades of scraggly

Aggression: Watch out for herky-jerky motions

Band: Bear In Heaven

Diet: Talk Talk, Lungfish

Habitat: Indie-rock dive bars and androgynous discos

Fur Factor: Mustache-heavy

Aggression: Seems harmless, but don't agitate

Band: She Bears

Diet: Neutral Milk Hotel, Modest Mouse

Habitat: Tiny Ohio bars like The Treehouse, The Union and Casa Cantina

Fur Factor: Robust and occasionally beardy

Aggression: Berenstain levels of geniality

When: 7 p.m. Monday, April 26

Where: Newport Music Hall, Campus

Web: minusthebear.com