Marquee: Via Audio at Rumba Cafe

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

About a year ago I happened upon a lovely little Brooklyn band called Via Audio sandwiched between a couple local groups at The Treehouse. The quartet's snappy, effervescent take on melancholy pop immediately had me smitten.

The live show was overflowing with energy thanks to Jessica Martins' engaging exuberance and the band's airtight musical maneuvers. Listening through their records, including the recent "Animalore," Via Audio isn't as boisterous as I thought, but that hasn't turned out to be a turnoff in the slightest.

Think Feist with less folk influence and more drum machines, or perhaps a less minimal take on the xx. In rich harmony, they whisper "I wanna make babies with you" over flute-infected future funk, and it's as subtle as a statement like that can be.

When: 9 p.m. Thursday, April 29

Where: Rumba Cafe, Campus