The Lions Rampant at Cafe Bourbon Street

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

There's no shortage of touring bands subscribing to the Jon Spencer/Dirtbombs school of down-and-dirty garage rock, but few outfits balance those acts' gruesome power with pop songcraft like Cincinnati's The Lions Rampant. Hell, "Lights On," the lead single from their new "It's Fun To Do Bad Things," could be a Kings of Leon track.

Far be it from me to downplay this album's unhinged vigor, though. The title track sways and thumps like a drunken Thomas Function, and "Shake It Out" - with its Cincy-appropriate rallying cry "You gotta shake!" - is the musical equivalent of spilling gas all over the dance floor and lighting a match. On the unfortunate side, sometimes it reminds me of the Mooney Suzuki.

Bizarrely, the gorgeous spectral folk ensemble Moon High will open Friday's Bobo show.

When: 9 p.m. Friday, May 7

Where: Cafe Bourbon Street, Campus