Rock on the Range: 5 bands to skip

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The lineup includes Godsmack, Rob Zombie and Limp Bizkit's triumphant return to the stage - check out our picks for the five best bands and five worst bands set to perform at this year's Rock on the Range festival.

Drowning Pool

"Let the bodies hit the floor! Let the bodies hit the floor!" It's infectious - meaning it'll get stuck in your head the same way "Who let the dogs out? Who let the dogs out?" does. No thanks.

Puddle of Mudd

This is what happens when Fred Durst masterminds a hard-rock boy band - a (very) poor man's Silverchair. Wes Scantlin and Co. broke into music with "Come Clean," the album that spawned singles "Control," "Blurry" and "She Hates Me." We agree with her.

Papa Roach

Their breakout single "Last Resort" just might be the most irritating nu-metal hit of the early 2000s, complete with trite lyrics and silly Van-Halen-on-Adderall guitar riffs. Papa Roach has moved out of nu-metal territory (coincidently timed with its lack of market viability) into more of a straight-up rock formula. Whatever, it still sucks.

Limp Bizkit

We first saw Fred Durst at the Newport, flipping off a decidedly unappreciative crowd waiting for headlining band Primus. Here we are, about a decade later. We've grown up. How 'bout you, Fred? Based on the lyrics of your latest rap-rock catastrophe, we're guessing not.

Three Days Grace

When we heard these headliners on the radio over the weekend, we thought it was the latest from Nickelback. Plundering Chad Kroeger's legacy gives new meaning to the saying about "scraping the bottom of the barrel."

When: 12 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, May 22 & 23

Where: Crew Stadium, North Side




Monster Energy Stage:

Sevendust 12:25

Drowning Pool 1:40

Puddle of Mudd 2:55

Papa Roach 4:15

Deftones 5:35

Rise Against 7:05

Three Days Grace 8:15

Godsmack 9:45

Kicker Stage:

Richy Nix 12:00

Violent Soho 1:05

Adelitas Way 2:20

Halestorm 3:40

Skillet 5:00

Killswitch Engage 6:20

Jagermeister Stage:

Like A Storm 12:00

Taddy Porter 1:05

Janus 2:20

Non Point 3:40

Helmet 5:00


Monster Energy Stage:

Apocolyptica 12:25

Five Finger Death Punch 1:40

Bullet for My Valentine 3:00

Theory of a Deadman 4:20

Slash 5:40

Seether 7:15

Rob Zombie 8:30

Limp Bizkit 9:55

Kicker Stage:

Shaman's Harvest 12:00

Airbourne 1:05

Circa Survive 2:25

Anberlin 3:45

Coheed & Cambria 5:05

Mastodon 6:30

Jagermeister Stage:

State Your Cause 12:00

Noise Auction 1:05

Year Long Disaster 2:25

Taproot 3:45

Mushroomhead 5:05