Rock on the Range: 5 bands to catch

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The lineup includes Godsmack, Rob Zombie and Limp Bizkit's triumphant return to the stage - check out our picks for the five best bands and five worst bands set to perform at this year's Rock on the Range festival.


Their name is appropriate, as the Atlanta sludge metal gods make plodding epics that will probably crush you if you get too close. They also created one of our favorite concept albums loosely based on Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick" ever.


The L.A. rockers will be performing songs from their new album "Diamond Eyes" (their best since "White Pony"). On a sad note, former bassist Chi Cheng remains in a coma after a 2008 car crash, but his temporary replacement Sergio Vega of Quickstand is an amazing fill-in.


The "thinking man's metal band" is often incorrectly lumped in with the grunge movement - maybe it's because of their early-'90s debut, or maybe it's their triumphant fusion of Black Sabbath and Sonic Youth on the single "Unsung." Either way, their sludgy, rough guitars and infectious basslines made "Meantime" and "Betty" classic hardcore records.

Rise Against

Just what this festival needs: good, solid punk rock from one of the genre's enduring talents. The Chicago band's straight-edge, PETA-friendly agenda will stick out almost as much as its three-chord energy blasts, but few could complain about injecting a little diversity into the proceedings.

Coheed & Cambria

We were on the fence about endorsing these masters of new millennial geek prog, but their soaring falsettos, shredding solos and multi-segmented epics seem downright delightful compared to 90 minutes with Fred Durst. Go ahead. Embrace your inner Comic Book Guy!