Fool's Gold at the Summit

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hopscotch with me for a sec. Lewis Pesacov and Luke Top were born in Israel.

At a young age, they moved to L.A., where Pesacov later founded perennial underdogs Foreign Born and began blending shades of African pop into his indie rock.

In 2006, Pesacov and Top started the sprawling ensemble Fool's Gold and inverted the formula, diving headfirst into those Afropop sounds and bolstering them with bits from the West (rock, pop and soul) and the Middle East (Top sings most of his lyrics in Hebrew).

Where does Columbus fit in this geographic mix? This city birthed Fool's Gold multi-instrumentalist Brad Caulkins, formerly of The Sun. And we'll host the band's multicultural outbursts Friday at The Summit with Tony Castles and You're So Bossy for good measure.

Fool's Gold at the Summit

8 p.m. Friday, July 23

2210 Summit St., North Campus