AIDS Wolf at Bat Chapters

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Now here's music to pulverize and polarize.

Montreal's screechy, scatterbrained AIDS Wolf seems designed for contrarians. Sheer chaos can be exhilarating or infuriating, and this band treads the line deviously, as if prodding listeners to throw up their hands and walk out in disgust. Supposedly there are a lot of compositional concepts at play, but only the proudly avant-garde will stick around long enough to pick out the visions of grandeur.

Sunday they'll bring this racket to Bat Chapters, a DIY space located behind Skylab at 56 E. Lynn Alley. Chicago's D Rider joins a local lineup of The Unholy Two, Horrible Creeps and Ryan Jewell.


8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 17

Bat Chapters