Staff Pick: Pepper Rabbit at Kobo

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Pepper Rabbit puts a Braff-tastic spin on psych-pop, recalling everything from John Lennon's less ragin' solo numbers to the echo-chamber pop of locals St. Moses the Black to, of course, The Shins. It's at once adventurous and familiar music with that glossy, friendly vibe Silver Lake's indie rockers are known for.

Sleepy yet snappy ditties underlay the duo's reverb-drenched narration, tales of long-lost friendship, romance and personal crisis. Sounds abound, from church bells and ominous pianos to gently strummed banjos and glockenspiel. It's the sort of band that could make a living for the rest of their lives on one well-placed TV ad.

Bonneville and Jonathan Hape open Tuesday's Kobo show.

Pepper Rabbit

8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 19


2590 N. High St., Campus