Local music: Ease the Medic & The Garrison

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Remember the days before mall punk castrated emo, back when the genre careened along on the verge of the sound barrier, raw and unhinged and still steeped in post-hardcore fury? If you miss those days, two Columbus bands have a slab of vinyl for you.

Ease the Medic and The Garrison are bands built from Columbus rock veterans, some of whom have been kicking out music like this for more than a decade. If their output hasn’t changed much since they ventured into the public eye, nor has the passion with which they perform it. They’ll show off their latest creations on a split 7-inch to be released Friday at Kobo.

Ease the Medic offers the record’s catchiest track, swaying mid-tempo rocker “Eleven,” and its most emotionally bare, “Whatever’s Wrong With Me Is Here To Stay.” The latter gets a bit overkill in its wide-eyed, top-of-your-lungs catharsis, but it likely resonates on listeners’ more self-loathing days.

The Garrison’s contributions are closer to straight-up punk — high-speed, no-frills battering rams that fit in between Murder City Devils and Jimmy Eat World on the punk spectrum.

Ease the Medic & Garrison

10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 3


2590 N. High St., Campus