Sarah Jaffe at Rumba Cafe

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Do you miss Cat Power - like, classic Cat Power from before Chan Marshall got confident and turned to saucy Starbucks blues? Well, apparently so does Sarah Jaffe. On the new "Suburban Nature," she does a fine job conjuring Marshall's wounded spirit and singing with that throat-clenched, brink-of-a-breakdown tension.

Not that Jaffe's style is a direct rip. "Clementine" alone is steeped in a rich, optimistic arrangement and sung with the sort of spunk you'd expect from a child of Denton, Texas. It's just nice to hear somebody pulling off those weepy, whispery numbers with a skill you don't often see among Marshall's disciples.

Sarah Jaffe

9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 9

Rumba Cafe

2507 Summit St., Campus