So Many Dynamos at the Summit

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Fans who miss the heyday of math rock and dance punk in indie rock need look no further than So Many Dynamos, who’ll play The Summit on Wednesday. The St. Louis combo should go over well with fans of brainy-but-spastic acts like The Dismemberment Plan, Enon and Les Savy Fav, though theirs is the scrubbed-up, mentally stable version of that once mighty genre.

That’s especially true now that So Many Dynamos signed to emo-centric Vagrant Records and released “The Loud Wars.” It’s their glossiest, most streamlined work to date, though guitar histrionics and convulsive rhythms are still the main course.

So Many Dynamos

8 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 8

The Summit

2210 Summit St., Campus