Sapat at the Summit

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Much like this city's Super Desserts, Louisville's Sapat is more collective than band, with as few as eight members and as many as 28. That's where the similarities end; this bunch is more or less the inverse of the Desserts' sweet-toothed cheer.

Rather, Sapat is dark and creeping, the soundtrack to the swampiest corners of the shadows. Still, there's life to be found down there, and sometimes it rises from Sapat's primordial ooze into something vast and grandiose.

They'll play The Summit on Friday, 15 strong, sandwiched between the off-kilter folk of Mike Rep & Tommy Jay and the powerful clatter of Cheater Slicks.


10 p.m. Friday, Dec. 17

The Summit

2210 Summit St., Campus