Ari Hest at Rumba Cafe

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Columbus Alive

Columbus knows a thing or two about ambitious recording projects. Eric Metronome once recorded a new cover tune every week for a year. Ghost Shirt and Jared Mahone tangled with self-imposed weekly deadlines last year, and The Town Monster cranked out 12 monthly EPs.

New York singer-songwriter Ari Hest accomplished a similar feat with his "52" project in 2008: a new song posted each Monday. A dozen fan favorites were compiled into 2009's "Twelve Mondays."

Hest's latest, the moody yet radio-ready "Sunset Over Hope Street," arrives without such a conceit. Hest himself will arrive at Rumba on Saturday to play with alt-country aces Mooncussers and Mors Ontologica frontman Crow.

Ari Hest

10 p.m. Saturday, March 5

Rumba Cafe

2507 Summit St., Campus